2251 – Palomar

In 2250 the de-commisioned Caracal Class Command Cruisers USS Palomar (NCC-760), USS. Long Beach (NCC-761), USS Tayi (NCC-762), USS Dominium (NCC-763), and USS R’Sah-Dan (NCC-764)  vessels were taken out of reserve to make up for a short term shortfall in heavy Cruiser numbers. The ships were initially only minimally refitted. The ships were removed from service in 2251 when more modern ships became available, but the build up of hostilities leading to the advent of the Four Years War (in 2252) saw these ships modified instead of being scrapped as planned.

This second modification saw the ships refitted with modern warp drives and weapons  to act as Command Ships for Destroyer groups and Convoys, and they recomissioned in this form from 2251 onwards

Class: IX Year: 2251
Ship Source: Starstation Aurora Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon