2222 – Valiant

The Valiant-class starship was a type of Federation heavy cruiser created by Starfleet. The prototype, USS Valiant was launched in 2222.

Six of these were built, weighing in Class XII they were larger than their contemporaries, each with a crew of 440. The vessels measured 21 decks in height, 303 meters in length, had a maximum cruising speed of warp 5.6 and were armed with two torpedo launchers and 4 phaser emitters

The Ships were refitted in 2253 to increase their combat capabilities during the Four Years War, after this refit they were deployed as part of the defensive fleet protecting the Core worlds. After the war all surviving units were continued in Service, Beagle was lost in action.

Two ships (Adamant and Valiant) received Linear warp drives in 2279, but their sister ships retained the older style drives until they were decommissioned in 2281. Adamant was lost in action in 2284, while Valiant finally decommissioned in 2287.


Commissioned Ships

  • USS Valiant NX-1288
  • USS Delphi NCC-1295
  • USS Yamato NCC-1305
  • USS Adamant NCC-1315
  • USS Expedient NCC-1307
  • USS Beagle NCC-1291