Buoy Tenders are often referred to as the Unsung Heroes of the space lanes. Nearly every race fields some form of navigational satellites to aid in navigation, course correction, data transfer and other mundane activities. Buoy tenders are charged with the placement, maintenance and upkeep of these buoys. Buoys come in a vast field of purpose oriented systems, from navigation drones to in-system defence satellites.

Buoy tenders have extensive repair and refuelling systems designed to upgrade nearly any type of buoy encountered. Buoy tenders also have large cargo facilities and launch bays that can service entire fleets of small craft used for repair and upgrade to buoys. Buoy Tenders can operate both in-system and in deep space, with excellent recreational facilities to help alleviate lengthy mission times.

Buoy Tenders can also create a large array of buoy from in-house stores and can even build satellites from scratch using extensive replicator systems. Because they must often operate near hostile boarders, many buoy tenders are armed, although more often than not, they are escorted.

Tenders are designed to provide medium to fast response to deep space vessels that require judicious repair and re-supply. Tenders are most often associated with non-combat operations, and are used primarily to provide moderate repairs to on-board systems. Tenders often carry complete replacement parts for the most commonly damaged or overloaded ship systems, including computer systems, power transfers and other electronic components. Tenders are also known for large “consumables” storage, including coolant gasses and other inert transferable materials.

Tenders do not supply full loads of food stuffs and water, although luxury goods are often carried for trade. Tenders also have casings for torpedoes, although must specifically have Armed torpedoes loaded during combat operations. Also unique to Tenders are their specialized shop spaces designed for “tear down and replacement” operations associated with high use and ware systems found on all starships. Tenders allow work crews to efficiently rework, resurface and improve a number of systems, including fuel injectors, plasma transfer conduits and even plating found within dilithium chambers.

Tenders allow deep space patrol vessels to remain on station longer and are able to move with the intended target vessel while on patrol. Although a somewhat tedious routine, many within Star Fleet Engineering request Tender duty for the vast expanse of variation associated with Tender Operations.

Combat Support Tenders are designed to perform the same repair and recovery role, but are armed and heavily shielded so they can safeley accomplish their missions in hostile areas.