Vintage Starships


Welcome to our new home

Content is gradually being moved across please bear with me, there’s a lot to move!


17 thoughts on “Vintage Starships

  1. Fasa fans all thought you fell off the face of the Earth! Your site was a regular stop for me and I’m sure for many fans and when it went down I was thoroughly disappointed. I was scrounging around the internet to see if I could find a backup, and I came across your wordpress site. Bravo ! Any plans to upload the old and (hopefully) new content?


    • Thanks for the welcome back, my old host withdrew their web space and the site went down as a result. I’m hoping to get a start on getting the old content uploaded over the Christmas break and I am thinking about new content as I’ve got a pile of part finished projects from way back… 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you have moved to a new site. FASA fans rejoice! If ufc465537 hasn’t already done so, we should get the word out on other sites? TMP and Brad Torgersens’ forum come to mind.


  3. I had given up hope until I decided to search for the old site two weeks ago. BOOM! There was the new site. Thank you for your dedication and work over the years. I especially like the 3D interactives. They really help in imagining and describing combat in sessions.


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